Congratulations to Russell Bailey (Ticket #03) for winning our Spring Shotgun Raffle!

Wise Use of funds

Honor Our Donations

People of Herndon donate money to us in order to help veterans.  We use those donations for just that and nothing else. 

Administrative Costs

However, we have certain costs to keep us organized and running that must be met. 

Storage of Casket Flags

We are in possession of over 60 casket flags.  These flags were lent by the families to Post 184 so that they could be flown honorably twice a year. These must be stored in an environmentally-controlled storage unit.


We recognize excellence at our local schools and within the community.  We raise funds to cover the costs of medals, ribbons, and certificates for local award winners.  

Our Website

This website is awesome!  But it isn't free.  But it is an important tool for transparency and accountability. 

No Building to Maintain

Our deepest thanks to the Herndon Moose Lodge for hosting our meetings once a month.  We don't have a building or other facility to maintain, keeping our costs minimal.  

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to help our local veterans.  Our administrative costs are minimal but are key to keeping Post 184 up and running.  Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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